Dwight Public Schools Title I Program

Title I is a federally funded program that helps schools provide assistance to students who may need additional help in meeting success at school. The Title I program is designed to assist all students as they learn to read and write, Title I teachers are trained as specialists in reading. In reading, Title I supports students in many different experiences including reading, writing, spelling, speaking and listening. The Title I program serves as a key resource in the Response to Intervention (RTI) process that all Dwight Public Schools use to help our struggling students.

Children Served

All students benefit from the school-wide Title I programs offered at Dwight Public Schools. Students who meet certain qualifications for additional support may receive additional services in reading, writing, and/or language arts.

Parent Advisory Committee

The Title I Parent Advisory Committee will meet periodically during the year. The committee takes an active role in crafting the school plan. They discuss ways to improve student achievement as well as improve parent and community involvement.

How Can Parents Help?

  • Read to and with your child every day.

  • Listen to your child read to you.

  • Count with your child.

  • Identify shapes in your surroundings.

  • Do simple computations with your child.

  • Perform simple estimations with your child.

  • Visit your child's school.

  • Visit your child's classroom.

  • Help your child use words to describe what he/she sees, thinks and feels. Listen and respond to what they say.

  • Help your child use writing at home. Encourage them to write notes to others, letters and cards, stories, shopping lists, and messages.

  • Help your child write about pictures they draw. Show off your children's writing by putting it up with tape or magnets.

  • Help your child learn to solve problems and be responsible by giving them chores to do at home.

  • Take your child to the public library. Get a library card (it's free!)